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Jaeger Management Sales Consultancy with new appearance

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 in Allgemein | No Comments
Jaeger Management Sales Consultancy with new appearance

Online Media have completely changed the way of how we communicate in a B-to-B environment. Not too long ago it was simply common to supply clients with image brochures, paper product collateral and data sheets. In todays world paper brochures tend to gather dust and the content to get outdated, before it finds its way to the reader. This is because the desired information nowaday is more conveniently and quickly accessible online.

We too take account of this trend – which is why as part of our CI we also completely remodeled our web appearance in a lucid and elaborate way. Including our detailed offering. With a quick check which will show you on if you benefit in talking to us.

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The development and implementation of our new ‘appearance’ was supported by Micha Kellenberger from

We wish you a pleasant read!

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