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It’s a full-time job to run a company and a full-time job to change a company. – Anonymous

interim management

It can be really tough to find the most experienced executives who are immediately available to resolve today’s pressing challenges, working alongside you and supporting your business. When the need is even outside your comfort zone or home country, this can appear both risky and difficult to resolve.

Jaeger Management GmbH can help making this less risky and relatively straightforward for you, to manage the process and not charge you the earth…

In fact, interim management possibly is the antidote to austerity & recession. It resolves structural & financial challenges. It creates and supports strategies for renewal and growth. And, critically, it delivers executive management solutions more quickly, effectively than traditional executive search.

We can support you in the following areas, either directly, or with the assistance of one of our partner firms:

  • Bridging the gap of short term personnel loss or shortages in executive management as well as in specific business functions
  • Independent subject matter expert guidance for investors as well as in supervisory boards
  • Neutral project management or executive functions in times of corporate potential for tension
  • Resolve pressing challenges in subsidiaries locally or abroad, where immediate action is urging
  • Foreign operations which require leadership bandwidth for build-up, further expansion or turnaround (e.g. emerging markets like Russia or China)
  • Timely execution of high-priority new projects where time-to-market is crucial (e.g. reorganization, M&A, expansion, BPA)
  • Business succession in SMBs where sure instincts are required during the transition period to the new generation of leaders.