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A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds. – Mark Twain


As a proven practice, we utilize a standardized governance methodology, developed by Markus Mühlemann, for the implementation of our jointly defined projects. It maps the complete process of the governance of an undertaking  – from initialization to governance to conclusion.



The Methodology includes all phases of a governance process.

Besides the three governance phases which are ’initializing’, ’guiding’ and ’finishing’, the central element of the governance methodology is a five-phased governance process with the following steps:

1 – Progress management: demand, measure and anlyze progress

2 – Risk management: detect risks and chances early, analyze them

3 – Solution management: put measures into practice, resolve bottlenecks

4 – Request management: work out requests, (re)define, decision

5 – Communication management: communicate progress and decisions