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coaching statistics and studies

An independent, scientific review of business coaching by The Manchester Review found that:

  • The return on investment for coaching senior executives can be at least 5.7 times the original outlay.
  • Individuals utilizing coaching reported a range of benefits including: increased self-awareness, better goal setting, more balanced life, lower stress levels, enhanced self discovery, increased confidence, improved quality of life, enhanced communication skills, increased project completion, improved health or fitness level, better relationships with co-workers, and better family relationships.
  • Participants of the study reported a 52-68% increase in many of the above benefits as a result of coaching.

(The Manchester Review, 2001, Volume 6, Number 1)

Training increases productivity 22%, when paired with coaching it increases productivity 88% to 400%.

(International Personnel Management Association, 2001) 

In a study by Manchester Consulting in 2002, year-long Executive Business Coaching had a 5.7 times Return on Investment (ROI). After receiving Executive Coaching, business executives, each were surveyed about the benefits they believe resulted from Coaching. The results of that survey:

  • Working relationships with direct reports (up 77%)
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors (up 71%)
  • Teamwork (up 67%)
  • Working relationships with peers (up 63%)
  • Job satisfaction (up 61%)
  • Conflict reduction (52% better)
  • Organizational commitment (up 44%)
  • Working relationships with clients (up 37%)

(Manchester Consulting, 2001)