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  • Due diligence examination of the entire sales and marketing process
  • Define responsibilities, rules and skills
  • Evaluate and establish CRM, CMS and collaborative tools
  • Mapping of company culture with foreign business practices and regulations
  • Define route to market – build go-to-market plan
  • Due diligence of product strategy and product readiness
  • Review and adapt (change) required  business functions/jobprofiles
  • Define a structured and strictly controlled phased sales process
  • Establish interlocked and rigid forecasting process, solid line from AM to CEO
  • Skills assessment and resulting training and coaching plan
  • ‘Go-to-market’ campaign planning and management
  • Reconciliation of marketing & sales interaction
  • Define loyalty building strategies
  • Forming and sharpening of sales presentations and collateral
  • Sales leadership coaching during improvement phase

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