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smb’s / subsidiaries of global organizations

Small or medium sized businesses, or subsidiaries of larger entities often face the challenge that there is more to be done than that there are hands to help. Sales and marketing often are carried out by technical specialists who have product skills but don’t bother too much about issues like a tight and sharp sales process, crystal clear and measurable sales metrics, or a compelling value proposition.


Quick Check

If your answer is yes to any of these statements, you will benefit in speaking with us.

  • Structures and process for engineering and manufacturing are in place, but sales structure & organization is lacking transparency
  • Sales Forecast doesn’t manifest in hard orders, or ongoing ‘hockey stick’ effect
  • Account Managers are hard to manage, meetings are irregular and low attendance, as sales staff is always on the road or even remotely located
  • Great product, great campaign, but revenues remain flat
  • Want to establish in an emerging market, but foreign regulatory and cultural barriers are overwhelming
  • Lack of knowledge of foreign route to market, regulatories, legal systems and business practices
  • Expanded sales team, but order pipeline doesn’t increase accordingly
  • Problems finding appropriate sales professionals and getting them ramped up
  • Lack of sales call rate
  • High sales call rate but no or mainly small orders result
  • Transactional (low-$) instead of strategic contracts
  • Company support systems (ERP, communication tools) don’t sufficiently include sales processes
  • Sales database (CRM) is looming to become orphaned, important prospect and client data is missing
  • Forecasting reports aren’t timely, inaccurate and hand-made (Excel)
  • Too few account managers are performing

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